Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy is aimed to explain how and why NEW MOZZART S.R.L. (hereinafter referred to as: “Company”) in the capacity of data controller, processes your personal data and measures which it takes to keep your data safe and protected. Personal data processing is performed pursuant to the Data Protection Act.

By accepting this Privacy Policy you agree that your personal data may be used pursuant to terms presented in this Policy.

2. Data controller


Mun. Timișoara, Str. Doctor Nicolae Paulescu nr. 1, Camerele 2, 3, 4, Etaj 2, ap. 14, Județul Timiș, Romania

3. When we collect your data?

We collect your data when:

3.1. Using website and mobile application

Company collects data from visitors of website on the basis of legitimate interest, for the purpose of better understanding of users’ needs and improvement of services. Following data is collected for above purposes:

1. time and date of visit to website,
2. pages viewed by visitor,
3. type and version of internet browser,
4. IP address of visitor’s computer,
5. mobile identifier if accessed from mobile phone.

We use cookies to provide you with the service with full functionalities and best possible content. Cookies are small textual data files transferred to visitor’s computer for the purpose of monitoring of use of some pages. If at visitor’s computer receipt of cookies is turned off, user may still use pages, but functionality of service will be partly limited. For more information, see Cookies Policy.

3.2. Registering

If you decide to register to our web site, you are required to enter your user name, password and mobile telephone number. Legal basis for processing your personal data is consent, given that you independently and freely choose whether you want to leave your data and register. When leaving comments, we collect time and date of comment, as well as IP address from which comment has been posted.

3.3. Login via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)

If you have account on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, you may login to our web site also via those accounts. In such event, we take over from your provider your first name and last name, user name, e-mail address and photo, in case you have it. Legal basis for processing your personal data is consent, given that you independently and freely choose whether you want to login.

3.4. Leaving comments:

If you want to leave comment on Mozzart Sport portal, you may do that as a guest or as a registered user. If you want to leave comment as a guest, you may do that without leaving additional data, with an option of entering name/nick-name. In any case we will collect time and date of the comment, as well as IP address from which comment has been posted.

We publish your comment under name/pseudonym which you determine (mobile telephone number left in registration/login is not visible), and content of comment is created by yourself. You choose whether you will make your personal data available to public. If you put a sign that you like any comment, we collect your IP address.

3.5. Communications with player:

Company provides user support to its users by phone and email. The data collected in this manner shall be processed exclusively for the purpose of providing user support.

The Company operates a recorded call system. When Data Subjects call Customer service, the call shall be automatically recorded for quality assurance purposes. Data subject is informed about call recording. The Company may keep live calls and call recordings for internal and external audits, training and investigation include law enforcement agencies. These calls are deleted after 20 days if they are no longer required for any crime prevention, investigation, detection purposes and crime reporting for the protection of the business and other legal interests and the protection of employees.

3.6. Marketing and personalization of offer:

We will send you push notifications in case you activate that option on our website or mobile application. Legal basis for processing is your consent. In settings you have an option to adapt push notifications to your interests and receive only them. If you do not want to receive above notifications, you may cancel this option at any time.

Some data (visited pages, selected favorites, etc.) is processed by us for the purposes of personalization of offer and marketing, including automated analysis of your interests, and it is solely for the purpose of sending commercials which match your interests.

4. Recipient of personal data:

Company forwards personal data of users to other recipients only on the basis of legal obligation and in compliance with regulations/requirements, i.e. on the basis of justified request by authorized public body or in the event of imposing, exercising or defending legal requirements.

If necessary, personal data is forwarded to reliable business partners (operators) to enable maintaining of information system, payment system, resolving users’ requests or similar business needs with obligatory measures of protection which are regulated and determined in special agreements.

Your personal data may be disclosed to: service providers, business partners, loan agencies, banks, lawyers, advisors, authorities engaged in prevention of money laundering, courts, regulatory bodies, authorities for protection of juvenile persons, health establishments specialized for addictions, police, sport associations and marketing agencies.

Company uses social media plugins of other companies. They enable to a user to connect website content with his/her profile on social media. Social media plugins collect data of users such as IP address, login data, access to web location and data on cookies. Company does not possess information on how companies use such data, so we ask you to see their privacy policies for more information. Below are social media plugins integrated on Mozzart website:


5. Where we keep your personal data

Your personal data will be kept on servers located in the Netherlands owned by Mozzartbet Malta Ltd. If we transfer data collected from you to any recipient (as stated above in chapter 4), those data recipients shall store your data. We endeavor to ensure that your personal data is treated in accordance with this Policy and that data recipients possess the same or similar organizational and technical measures as we. Some of data recipients with which we share your personal data may have servers which are located outside of Kenya, in which case we will provide appropriate safeguards.

6. Period within which personal data is kept

We keep your personal data for a period within which you are user of our services. You may cancel your consent to processing your personal data at any time, which results in cessation of further processing your data and their deletion. In the cases when we process your data on the basis of legitimate interest, we will process it until you file a complaint to processing.

7. Rights of users

Subject to type and legal basis for processing, you may exercise following rights in relation to processing personal data:

- To be informed about collecting of personal data
- Access to personal data
- Rectification of personal data
- Erasure of personal data
- Personal data portability
- Restrictions for personal data processing
- Right to object to data processing

8. Personal data protection

Mozzart safeguards personal data through appropriate organizational, technical and legal measures of protection. In determination of these measures of protection we always take into account quantity, type and sensitivity of data, as well as other circumstances which influence assessment of possible risks for protection of your rights and freedoms.

9. Complaints

For all questions, requests, complaints and claims which relate to data protection and processing of personal data you may address us in one of the following ways:

Address: Mun. Timișoara, Str. Doctor Nicolae Paulescu nr. 1, Camerele 2,3,4, Etaj 2, ap. 14, Județul Timiș, Romania

Email: [email protected]

Besides, we appointed Data Protection Officer to whom you may send an email message on [email protected]. Data Protection Officer is responsible for overseeing lawfulness of processing of personal data, care about protection of rights and freedoms of users (and other persons whose data is processed) and advising responsible persons on best practices in the field of personal data protection. Every received request will be resolved as soon as possible, but not later than 30 days from its receipt. When contacting and giving above requests we will make reasonable efforts to determine your identity and prevent unauthorized personal data processing. If you regard that your data has been unlawfully processed, you may file a complaint to the Data Commissioner.

This version of the Privacy Policy was last time updated on 19 December 2020.